Employment concept:Emphasis on morality, person-post fitting, devoted and responsible, teamwork spirit.

Emphasis on morality: Morality comes first and competence comes second in employment. “Talent comes before attainment, those with both attainment and talent shall be put at important post, and those with attainment but no talent shall be disused.”

Person-post fitting:Each post has its professional requirements, and only by putting the right person at the right post, can the person reach his full potential.

Devoted and responsible:With high sense of responsibly for work, as a person—integrity; work—earnest, devoted, innovative and pursuing excellence.

Teamwork spirit:A drop of water is small, but the sea formed by the water is magnificent; a grain of soil is negligible, but the mountain formed by the soil is awesome. One person’s power is insignificant, but an excellent team that he/she is in can bring him/her to success.