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N a m e  :Shandong Kangyou Glass Material Co., Ltd.
Address :No.10, Bailong Road, Laiyang City,
                  Shandong Province, China
Zip Code:265200
        Tel:0535-3360626 3360307
       Fax :0535-7262117
     Bank :China Construction Bank Laiyang SUB-Branch
  A/C No.:3700 1666 0700 5015 4820
     Numbers:1054 5680 4507
     Email :kangyousales@163.com
      Bank:China Construction Bank Laiyang SUB-Branch
Wuzhou Office Address:
No.106-107, Xihuan Road, Wuzhou City, China
Tel(Fax) :13517649198 

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