KYF series glass frit introduction
Kangyou KYF series glass frit are lead-free sodium-calcium-silicon hot melt glass material, specially developed for glass art creation. Adhering to the concept of environmental protection and safety, we ensure that users enjoy a pure artistic environment when creating. This series of products with its diversity of color attributes and the precision of particle size grading, to meet the high level of artistic creation needs, and widely used in colleges and universities teaching and professional glass studios.

The charm of color lies in its diversity and layering. Our KYF series hot melt glass powder is the perfect embodiment of this concept. The products are divided into two series of color properties: transparent and opaque, to meet different creative needs. Transparent series is clear and bright, allowing light to penetrate every piece of glass, bring fantastic visual effects. The opaque turbid series is soft and warm, like the light through the clouds, adding a mystery and depth to the works.  

Artistic creation requires fine and varied, for this reason, KYF hot melt glass powder series offers three particle size grades. Whether delicate as dust, moderately balanced or rugged and powerful, each particle size provides a richer choice and greater flexibility for the shaping of glass art.

This product is very suitable for the processing of powder casting glass art crafts, whether it is the teaching practice of colleges or the creative activities of glass studios, you can find its irreplaceable value. This product has pure color, reliable quality, each hatch of products through strict quality control process to ensure the consistency and reliability. The production, inspection and delivery, each link follows the industry high standards to ensure that users can get the best results in each use process.